Early in 2018, a huge scandal broke in the news, involving Oxfam employees
in Haiti and other places, who had used their position to sexually exploit local women. This student brief was to design a campaign for an organisation or brand with an image problem, and I named my campaign Face to Face, because through personal interaction can Oxfam begin to rebuild trust with its supporters.
The campaign was to promote a national roadshow, giving the opportunity to
anyone to talk face to face with senior Oxfam directors and trustees. I wanted the female faces to be the most striking part of the campaign, supported by phrases which
might draw people in to find out more, often with a double meaning...
   * Haiti women can't just move on from what has happened, and neither can
     Oxfam move on without addressing legitimate concerns and applying
     stringent safeguarding policies in the future.
   * Oxfam aren't simply brushing the issue under the carpet and changing the
     subject away from the scandal, but neither are they changing the subject away
     from what has always been fundamental both to the charity and its supporters.

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