The Weekly Church Pew Sheet
When someone new comes to your church, it’s often the first thing they read. Along with the welcome they receive from a welcome or sidesperson, it is on the front line of your engagement with visitors or new folks. Yet it can be full of text, badly laid out, a mismatch of fonts and sizes, with little white space, and communicate little about the
values and identity of this particular church. I give you: the weekly church pew sheet.

Often, pew sheets are put together with church members in mind, and we forget about the part they play in welcoming people, giving them a flavour of our church, and an invitation to participate and belong. Sometimes,
pew sheets are put together by committed church members with willingness to serve more than IT skills, and
these people are invaluable. You may have folks with more IT skills, but without the time to give to this ministry.

What if there was a way to have a well-designed template, which is easy on the eye and communicates
something of your church’s values to a visitor, which could be populated each week by anyone with basic IT skills? What if there was a way for the sheet to look consistent week by week, and for everyone to know where the information they need is located? What if there was a way for your pew sheet to be as welcoming as
the folks who give it out on the door?
There is. A template can be produced in the format you need it, whether or not you have a church logo and
style guide already, which can be used by whoever puts your sheet together, for a one-off fee. Sound good?
Give me a ring or contact me here if I can help.